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Xeno Tryst
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Book Overview
Xeno Tryst
is an erotic space opera about a woman who is sexually expressive and advocates for sexual freedom, including relations between humans and Xenolfans. When she’s not busy with her job as a Galactic Emergency Medical Technician, she’s engaged with duties as vocalist for the symphonic metal band Maranadda.

Book Description
Sierra Shalinsky is the vocalist for the symphonic metal band Maranadda. She has a no-nonsense attitude, is a sexual freedom advocate, and a swinger in the Lifestyle. There is never a dull moment with her job as a Galactic Emergency Medical Technician, where she is always on call to help during galactic disasters.

When she responds to a distress signal from a frightened and seemingly delusional space traveler in the mysterious Shardaa Sector, an eerie feeling comes over her as she discovers odd feather symbols.

An emergency leads Sierra to victims of a terrorist attack at a thermal cube factory in the Industrial Sector.

In another emergency, she finds herself torn between her responsibilities as a Galactic Emergency Medical Technician and her duties as the vocalist for Maranadda.

She is there to help in more ways than one when the resort snow planet, Aamaress, is viciously attacked by the Xenolfan Government to disrupt the intermixed species tryst of forbidden sex.

Just when things are starting to go smooth for once and she gives her long awaited sexual freedom speech followed by a Maranadda concert on the band’s home planet, she is confronted by a strange being and a familiar eeriness…

Words & Pages
(6 x 9)
Xeno Tryst
Xeno Tryst Duology
76,456 (218 Pages)
Xeno Tryst Duology
1,382 (4 Pages)
(Included Above)
Short Story
*Based on Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association Classifications.

This novel contains sexually explicit content, which may be considered offensive to some readers, and is intended for adult audiences.

Xeno Tryst
Copyright © 2019 by Troy D. Wymer
Xeno Tryst cover art
Copyright © 2018, 2019 by Troy D. Wymer
Wolf tattoo image courtesy of tattoo artist Rinat Tattarin

All rights reserved.

Published by WymerNovels

ISBN: 978-1-5439-7935-0
eBook ISBN: 978-1-5439-7936-7

First Edition: 2019

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