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Feathers of Shardaa
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Book Overview
Feathers of Shardaa is the epic conclusion of the Xeno Tryst Duology... A much darker theme, the backstory of the Shardaa Sector is revealed. Sierra Shalinsky is persuaded to advocate for the Humolfans and their repatriation back into galactic society. Through a series of dramatic events, Sierra falls in love.

Book Description
One thousand years earlier... Siiteper Affelum begins a genocide campaign to eliminate interspecies families. The Humolfan “half-breeds” are banished to the Shardaa Sector and left to die, until they receive help from an unlikely source.

Present time... Sierra Shalinsky has been missing for seven months. She wakes up from a coma in the mysterious Shardaa Sector and flees her captors.

The history of the Humolfan people is revealed to Sierra. She is persuaded to advocate for them and their repatriation back into galactic society.

After receiving a feathers of Shardaa tattoo, Sierra is brutally assaulted by the Dissident Faction, but is rescued by a mysterious man. Through a series of dramatic events, she falls in love with her alluring rescuer.

Sierra is finally found in the Shardaa Sector by a Syrenthian Government fleet when they prepare for battle against an unknown aggressor. She explains her strange disappearance. Sierra then speaks at the Humolfan Repatriation Conference to advocate for the Humolfans. She reunites with her bandmates, her parents, her friends, and her co-workers.

In a surprising, personal discovery, Sierra realizes that her usual promiscuity is no longer satisfying. She attributes this profound change to the new and unexpected romance that develops.

Syrenthian Galaxy Map

Words & Pages
(6 x 9)
Feathers of Shardaa
Xeno Tryst Duology
91,457 (254 Pages)
*Based on Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association Classifications.

This novel contains sexually explicit content and intense violence, which may be considered offensive to some readers, and is intended for adult audiences.

Feathers of Shardaa
Copyright © 2021 by Troy D. Wymer
Feathers of Shardaa cover art
Copyright © 2020, 2021 by Troy D. Wymer
Syrenthian Galaxy map art
Copyright © 2020, 2021 by Troy D. Wymer

All rights reserved.

Published by WymerNovels

ISBN: 978-1-6678-1021-8
eBook ISBN: 978-1-6678-1022-5

First Edition: 2021

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